We must be careful

WE MUST BE CAREFUL Previously the land was ahead two years in food production, was ahead of production for human consumption, but today is happening a contrary event, food is scarce and man is already consuming what should be consumed in the coming Two years or so we are ending the production of land, we are in a future food deficit, man has known to misuse things in life, we need to feel and identify what are things, nature has given us.

The guides that we must do with the food that provides us and the man has been responsible for misrepresenting these aids, the natural foods we live with inorganic compounds and alter their real properties and there the energy is confused and eliminated what you consumed and That confused energy goes to certain parts of the organs and damages them, we want to mix everything with everything, but equally we are not feeding.

When a person generates bad thoughts he or she is transformed, when we criticize the other person instead of ourselves it is where the problem is, we transform ourselves depending on the sum of the thoughts, the desires own or the ones that it manifests to the others, my Apathy or my sympathy with the planet earth and here we are and here we live, it is also noticeable that the planet earth is sick because the human being has degraded more and more in the help towards the planet earth, a good thought is equivalent to The planet regenerates, but human beings must be part of the healthy part of the planet and import what happens in it and bring something good and positive for this.

On the planet earth food is changing, among them orange trees are also changing their energy power, if a person does not believe in the energy to eat, food in our body we have an energetic metabolic compound, when you eat a food this Becomes an energy that goes to your system and the organs absorb it depending on the need, it is a different energy “the invisible is essential to the visible” food determines our energy, if you only eat to fill you are not feeding Planet Earth is rejecting the human component, we are the most harmful and destructive species, the concept of planet earth differentiates us as the most harmful components of all creation, it is complicated to see the aggression of the human being embodied in other terrestrial species or animals Or vegetables or whatever, that happens to humans on planet earth, we ourselves are attacking ourselves, we are in a destructive regime, so feed perfectly but generates bad thoughts you are equally sick, with your bad thoughts and Bad actions so a supposedly healthy person is also generating diseases The good things we think do not manifest the way we want, but we are accompanying the good with bad thoughts, that’s why we do not see it manifested, we give the wrong value to everything We have to talk about cancer derived from black magic, differentiated cancer, the normal cancer that the diseased organism produces is derived from the poor care of the person and the way he has led his life or by inheritance, healthy people and without having Antecedents that have gone through these carcinogenic processes that acquire a cancer without any reason is because they may have been victims of black magic, of a curse, there are also cancers of karmic activity, ie a person generates this cancer.

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