The sphere travels through the world in the 4th dimension about 5 km per hour and deposited in certain lines of loose earth and reservoirs for micro luminous spheres and makes cleaning the bad to the spiritual world and waterproofs microspheres with impacts of luminous filaments, when coupled with the auric part of the aural stick part and gives us life, health, joy, faith and still believe in the great creative force of the universe.

There gotten no person need not “God” there are no procedures or aid or medicine, or bathrooms, or anything in the world that “God” we find the most perfect solutions we can help in the fields, emotional, loving materials for help and that’s what we do.

The “YACCOS” are extremely powerful tools with faith and confidence that everything will be as we want will lead to that state we have always wanted, but we know that there is a supreme creative force that is above everything and everyone … “GOD” He is a force of creation, but we all believe that created the earth the sea and man … no, he also creates solutions to the human race, so at our core always ask in the most difficult moments to help us.

We do not know how to pray, “God” is not a static being, he is present in the whole dimensional universe and created thousands of solutions for us, among those this light injection

“In sync”

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