“It is essential to the invisible visible”

What spiritual qualities do I have? Being restless and have very bad thoughts, our economic part is decreased, tranquility and harmony taking money comes into our hands, processes pension, cash advances and other things flow when we have peace of mind.

We do not know ourselves, we specialize in telling others defects but never looked on us to evaluate ourselves and examine

The quality of thoughts influence the progress of the people, the more bad think things are going unless you are looking for, there is a saying, “I’m surrounded by people but have no friends” is better to be alone than in bad company, the quality of our thoughts determines our quality of life, our body cells react to our thoughts.

We must be suitable to ask for good things, one example is smoking and Pope scolds her children for doing it, but never see smoke because the child sees him everywhere so, the child sees the example and there is no way to reprimand unless we give the example.

We must be equal to the message we proclaim, if you complain all day about the lack of money, you need desimplantar that your life, you have negative thoughts, negative words and actions, we must not wish harm to anyone or do things against others.

You must live for good, but it should also identify who is living, if you live with someone who is dedicated to evil you are worse than her, is being consumed inside and outside, are getting sick with him because these people who do wrong live their life sick.

Do, think, and want to proclaim the good is what we must do.


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