SPIRITUAL HELP BUBBLE “ELIMINATE THE SACRIFICE HUMAN EXISTENCE”Bubble spiritual help is open, remove the sacrifice of my life, we can get things obviously faster and without much pain, things should not hurt to get them, remove the sacrifice now and in the future day, implement much sacrifice in my life and in my being, my future will be the same, full of sacrifice and pain to get absolutely everything I want, there is a popular saying that if that is breakfast as is the food, if this is my present and my past was harmful and here I am worse, the future will be worse, remove the part of the sacrifice is the function of the bubble spiritual help

Remove the sacrifice of my human existence, that is, from my past, present and my future so that this does not become registered that sacrifice, when a disease the person is judicious and medications taken but she has permeated the sacrifice life this disease does not progress and the person does not improve, the sacrifice if it is impregnated and implanted in your life deteriorates every state of life in all aspects

Another reason for the bubble spiritual help is to impregnate the spiritual part of harmony and tolerance, knowing when I exercise tolerance point and a point of harmony, knowing when we are happy, receive accept and transmit reconstruct life on a spiritual level, too we know that the money is available but as we have an adequate level of attraction, but our life is a life of sacrifice and conformism this does not come to us in the proper manner and that information is also implemented for the future and never will we to come up with the idea that it is not a sacrifice is not worth it, obviously everything that involves money going to cause problems, will be in eternal debt when he has impregnated sacrifice in the energy field sees everything as difficult, sacrifice complicates the existence of all human beings, 805 human being is expendable, that when well going to get worse, we do not recognize that good should stay in my life forever, but will we blame responsibility to God is up when he wants, there are not favoring a great God but the anti creation, if I’m right, I wish that God gives me great strength and impregnate me for me to be well

God has no system to give us money, God does not recognize the money as a creation of it, you should make a wish to the universe that it is he who brings the material things you want to reach your life

If I do something with taste and received the benefits should not feel that he did and deserves much sacrifice after receiving it, the good things of life should give us happiness and no uncertainty, we must seize them and enjoy them as we arrive, we should not think something that comes into our lives is going to cause pain or problem, if you have the implanted sacrifice must stop the implementation of misinformation behind to be benefited by the universe, the universe does not react on pain and grief, if you everything you want it enacts with pain and sympathy and sacrifice the universe recognizes that and gives you more, so you should ask for material things in their desire to his universe, the human being must be able to receive good for the universe

(This document is original and was given by Dr. BRISSA AVHALON on his radio show)
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