In Easter appearances and witches are released, usually they make their appearance witches to cause harm and evil and seize the good energy of unbelievers or those who are seeking help in these times where not to look for.

Being us on this earthly plane we need protection, “PROTECTIVE LOAD” is the protection pair to us, beware this does not protect people who will do evil or harm to another, neither can protect the life of someone who is destined to die, only protects the life of inventions of man to another man who causes his death, fire, flood, robbery, falls, electrocutions, bullets, falling scaffolding on the street, accidents in companies, all this is protected by the “PROTECTIVE LOAD”.

A good person who has the protective load on your motorcycle or car that protects your vehicle, that if if used to perform a violent act does not serve the protective load served if we are to walk and protect our family or those with us, this protective charge lasts for 2 months and protects them from the evils that Santeria and voodoo coming to our country.

If you feel that the protective load saved him from an accident or something bad happened after that you should get another.

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