Say “whatever God wants” is not distrust him, in the universe there are thousands of memories, when I say an expression of those is that what comes to my good or bad life I accept, with the use and activation of intercoms and your life will not be common, their life will be a constant activity of transformation, this really is the meaning of life, is like daily living, work together money and bought something, life is a transforming power.
POWER TO TRANSFORM SEQUENCE, which has so much power each of you to transform sequences
The information given during these years that brought our program only has been here, there is no place to be given or has been given information about our products, intercoms are changing the lives of all those who follow us not only networks and web site but also in our radio programs, we are already covering other areas such as Bogota and in a few days we are activating forces of change in this place and people and we are asking us to make conferences and activities.
Last year we said that there was a macro open portal of evil energies, which was causing accidents, evil deeds, strange things, we solve things based in reality, we are given to prevent things before they happen, which is why we do it because we do not want that in the future something alters the life one leads.
Evil is like weeds, you start a piece and the second begins to grow another piece, the part where evil appears, is opening again an evil Portal.

In Colombia they have recently given activation processes evil and work of witchcraft we already know, but we did not know that in Colombia around 1220 Satanic rites are performed daily, to ruin someone, tying someone, cursing someone, dates as Easter and christmas is where most of these rituals are performed.
Is opening a very large portal evil forces, macro evil website, people believe that only by being with God and believe in him not going to affect them, but it turns out this evil macro portal does not distinguish if you would like if you think or does not believe, if it is good or bad.
We cause accidents, fights, murders, suicide attacks
On planet earth everything is perishable, in the energy part a person who has a problem followed with someone and not resolved the person starts to think aggressively about that other person, thoughts of hatred, helplessness of frustration, they want to die, aggressive thoughts that do not affect the person you wish but that it is looking forward to because it makes the body cells to acidify you act, think and wish evil to the other.
Thoughts have different levels within the lighting are the “alkaline” the bright and dull, aggressive or satanic thought is the “acid” if we take a small dose of water with baking soda and lemon, all the emotions that had come out of our body and does not allow us sick are natural aids that we can clean not only the body but the emotions.
The macro portals of malignant origin are invading again the planet, we are in Colombia, social networks we got a video of an apparition, a shadow that passes in front of a surveillance camera, inexplicable, such occurrences are given throughout our region.


(This document is original and was given by Dr. BRISSA AVHALON on his radio show)
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