There are people who for profit or spiritual quality deserve or do not deserve money, the universe if you select the person that money will reach you, the universe fragments the economic capacity you have depending on your behavior and actions, the human being is action And the universe reaction, if you do not have a perfect coding to attract money, something was done or done, you have to feed the power of attraction of money, so you study and have many desires to get ahead if you do not perform This coding is not going to come out as it should be.

This encoder goes directly to the MAGNETO BIO, which is located where the stomach starts and the small intestine begins, to create in you the image of how it is, we must think it is the size of a lentil and when it starts to grow it can be up to the size Of a large lemon and in the dimensional part can reach up to 3 meters of depth, the failure of that MAGNETO BIO produces enormous acidity states and processes of acid segregation in the organism, this BIO MAGNETO we have all altered, the anger, the Hate, resentment, constipation, stomach damage, and people who store their cell phones, tablets or any electronic device near those sites will affect BIO MAGNETO, the cell phone alters the process of good attraction of money If it is glued to our body and close to the MAGNETO BIO.

Every 2 seconds the emits a pulsation that to the minute will be 30 times, if the person has a cerración in its economic part this BIO MAGNETO pulsates only 2 times per day, that is to say that its economic luck is totally altered.

The cell destabilizes the BIO MAGNETO it closes and begins to fail the luck, when a person damages to another one damages first its economic part.

The power of attraction of money does not include the power of attraction for love, only for money, is independent, when you suffer from a health problem such as gastritis is also going to be accompanied by economic problems, curses processes and Witchcraft attack the economic part and therefore the BIO MAGNETO, witchcraft attack money health and love, but the first thing they attack is money, the person loses their money, their savings and their income, as this happens the MAGNETO BIO Is damaged and deconfigured, if you lost your luck or have salting processes you should worry.

The BIO MAGNETO is located where the stomach begins and joins the small intestine, there is at that point a receiver that receives information and then expands, receives and emits the information of the intercom, the state of health of a person directly influences its Economic part, people can see the problems of gastritis with this intercom, it will cure their economic part.


With DEVAN’S you will be protected for a month and a half against all demonic attacks, evil spirits, expectancies, ethereal parasites, larvae, cubes, sub-cubes, ghosts, psychic energies, witch attacks, Witches You can find at the offices of ATTIKA CONTIGO and BRISSA AVHALON from now on so that you are protected from these attacks, thanks to the “D’EVAN’S” that has 310 codable pairs that makes the person feel at the moment of the activation of this, which The person sits as if in a vacuum, as in a protection bubble, with this we are 100% protected. When used for the first time we look at the center of this “DEVAN’S” for 2, 3 or 4 seconds, after it is done, at night, it is placed on the wrist of the left hand for 10 minutes, Disappear, in case you do not, you remove it past time and burn it. If it is for a house must be left for 3 days in a row, if it is for another person on a photo should also be left for 3 days in a row, burn it also with the photo and the same for local, business and business is done the same and burns On the third day.


If you feel an itch in your body when lying on your mattress is because your mattress has negative energies, your energy field and the negative energies of the mattress mix and generate even a rash on your body, that mattress needs an energy fluid cleaning , If you do not clean it this mattress pollutes you and those who use it. Negative energies contaminate you and generate a process of bad luck, salting and stagnation, grow to such an extent that they become negative energies. In the dilusor are the indications of how to use it, you can use the dilator in spay to use it in the places that it needs. In our homes there are two places where the house manifests the dirt more than any side, the kitchen and the bathrooms, if you wash the kitchen and the bathrooms is cleaning the bad energy, the heat of the bathrooms diffuses the bad energies, remember that the Cold water helps to dilute bad energies, heat reminds you to fuel negative energies, dilusor of negative energies is to dilute those bad energies. Negative energy dilutor and resin of prosperity are available in our offices, if you use these two and in your life and your business are flowing correctly things should continue to act in that way and continue to clean their environment to generate good energies and To attract good luck in your homes and businesses.


This encoder is a giant looking D EVAN that will help individually so if you know you have something dark that you could not dump, something bad, an anger, a resentment, a grudge, is because you have a condensed fluid Which is stealing everything good, this will help to potentiate its light part and decrease the power of condensed fluid and increase the light power of your lighting system.

When a child is uncontrollable walks, goes crazy, nothing stops, kicks, everything shocks him is not a simple behavior of frustration, wallows, throws himself on the floor, is on the walls that is because he was born with the fluid condensed You must remove this hatred for everything to work, this encoder will help you to weaken that fluid and those feelings, feelings and bad desires that you have are decreasing and when you reach the conference “Hands of Light” this fit for the Change and to be a new being.

This illuminator is going to start the hatred that you have inside, is a very strong D EVANS, now the nucleus of this is much stronger, it will be direct to you, do not be surprised if they present vomit, because vomiting is a Physical form of throwing something, this illuminator compacts that mass of fluid and materializes it and you boot it, you using this illuminator will turn your skin as if it were dirty, like a dirty like dirty, it can materialize in your clothes like a Salt, or with a soot you vomit.


It activates a harmonic current in the space that surrounds us, promotes peace, promotes a calm environment, where there is aggressiveness, where there are fights at home, it is not a device, it is a holographic generator, that is to say, day by day it is reproduced Depending on the environment and the amount of harmony to move, should be left in an area not visible and only begin to deploy its power, where there is an aggressive pet this generator will calm and control, where there is a family that stays in Fights and discussions this generator will get relationships stabilize and calm down the spirits.

Where there are sick people is going to help these people have the conviction that their health will improve, that this person will mentally help to relieve and think about their recovery, this generator is for spaces and environments, for the human being, To harmonize those places where the discord and the problems of its inhabitants reign.


We are talking about an intercommunication extremely powerful and effective in the method of programming the realities that is the “IEX5D” able to return the things that a human has lost, the things that the human had as destroyed rebuilds them, the ” IEX5D “has direct communication with the dimensional universe that is capable of generating the visible realities for us, that is, the good things for us to live them and also communicates with the ninth dimension for the healthy proposals that it wants to make like for example the projects in The job, capable of fulfilling a dream, that is not impossible but becomes reality, concrete business, because it takes the information and reaches the universe of each so sharp that comes as a command as an order of good faith.


The illuminator is going to be a luminous flow in you, it will transport you in a luminous state through the human aura, you will be able to increase the love towards God, it will raise the human aura in a high luminous degree, if you are Insecure, fearful, who does not know how to speak, this illuminator will serve you too much, this illuminator is part of the human life process, the process of human good, good thoughts and good deeds.

People who are sick will receive great help from the spiritual aid bubble, the psychic attacks make the person sick, the luminous flow diminishes, and the person finds no reason.


We have a superior being called God, do what makes good or bad my future depends on him and his designs, he can not ask for money or punishment from another person, God is not a punisher.

The bubble of spiritual help is open in order to protect us, maximum 5 days that is open serves to protect us from harmful processes to 3 months, so you do not need to be constantly submerged in the bubble of spiritual help, in the invisible world time Runs different than on planet earth, in the bubble we are protecting against evil, we already speak of the damage that is being done in Cuba, the evil that tries to attack us rebounds and does not enter into it, when rebound comes the evil that is released To you and weakens, when there is a force thrown at another person, a bad force, that force bounces back into the bubble of spiritual aid and does not reach the people who are there submerged and is returned 3 times its power to its emitter, or To the one who is doing evil.

THE INTERCOM “3X” is located in the crown of the head in the front, what they called in babies the “mollera” are two bones that are there, THIS INTERCOM “3X” WILL CLOSE ALL THE WAYS OF EVIL THAT YOU CAN PRESENT IN AN INVISIBLE WORLD, SPIRITUAL ATTACKS, PSYCHIC ATTACKS, WITCHES, ECHICERIAS MAGICS, SPIRITUAL PERSECUTION, can lead to death and if not lead to suffering almost to death.


With this intercom you can ask for a wish, this weekend is the birthday of our BRANNEL BRISSA AVHALON this brings with it great benefits for the human race since the universe will now be able to request a wish and this will be fulfilled, you can ask for wishes GOOD , From now on the doctor may begin to ask for the wishes of each one of you, all the wishes that you send will be read and analyzed and always the good hearted desires will be processed by Dr. BRISSA AVHALON, last year several miracles were presented With the wishes that were requested to the universe in this same date, as far as health, money, love, harmony and peace.

On each birthday of each, the universe gives each GOOD person what they want, if you have not done anything good but instead ask the universe for a state of redemption, people who do evil the universe denies the good things, The evil that one has inside has different explanations of why, the first is because one has decreed it, comes by decree, the other is by law of cause and effect, the following can be by distal memory, can also be given by Prize for polarity, whether good or bad and the latter is given by ‘own thought or desire for something, the universe does not say that it will give’ X ‘the wrong person, but if you do the bad and less believe In the good and become a person of the common good things will not come to you, the universe will never reward it, by decree if I think continually in the bad that same will come to me, by the law of cause and Effect depends on how it is handled is what will reach me, by distal memory the universe memorizes things, by the 880 law of polarity that says that the human being can be as good or as bad as want to be, it is important to know that In this law appears that it is very important that on the date of the birthday determines how good you can receive from the universe and the wishes that can be fulfilled for you depending who is and what has done in your life.


For people who are suffering from addictions we have a new deactivator or addiction suppressor and is the new anti-addiction coder called “KENTHA” is much stronger than the previous one and participates in several processes, it is an encoder that goes directly to the past cause Where that addiction began.

This encoder has the property to act in the past, when we work a diction is handled from present to future, that is, today we do to you so that in the future you are not addicted, this encoder finds the primary root where the addiction began , Not the situation, then it is not that the friend offered him and there began the addiction, is that the person has a spiritual prosecuted problem that gave rise to that addiction, the father of the addict father has a 90% possibility of being addicted too And religiously also has a special function and theory that the son of an addict is going to be addicted and to share this information everywhere, the addict is not consuming that information and it is seen that he is addicted even if he is not consuming.

This encoder called “KENTHA” as well as the other coders that we handle and the holographic devices form a root in the planet earth, that is that all the changes that generate are beneficial, this codifier that is called “KENTHA” is a codificador deactivator of addictions , Is a holographic device that is able to work directly in the primary cause of the addiction of the human being, also develops a state of spiritual progress that allows him to recognize addiction as a failure that will lead to destruction, it is recommended Continuous use every 15 days for 6 months, you can also use anti-addiction drops to see faster results.

In a person who is addicted, the most difficult thing for that person is to recognize that he is addicted, that is leading to ruin, that is destroying his life, that is leading him to loneliness, when he can accept that will begin the change , But these people are based on the fact that when they consume they are happier, they forget the problems, they are calmer and that is where they do not manage to leave their addiction, whereas with the use of “KENTHA” the person gives Account that through the consumption is that it is finishing are his life, with the continuous use of this holographic device the person goes evolving more and more spiritually, thus the person generates a rejection to the vices and leaves behind the need to consume the person Develops a more advanced state of consciousness because it reduces the desires to consume, if the person is desperate to consume and even steals those desires to look for the way to get money to consume are reduced with this encoder called “KENTHA”.


The encoder “KYLHA” this encoder is part of the protective encoders of the human being, this is protecting us from death, we believe that death comes by God’s disposition, that death comes through him in all cases, but this encoder Is highly powerful, it is already protecting the people who have entered the bubble of spiritual help.

A person who has a medium witchcraft job, who at this moment is feeling the pains of what they are doing and the sensations that these procedures take, by October 31 will be increased and accelerated this process, this day is not a Day of celebration, is a day where the macro portals are opened and the evil forces seize many unbelievers, naive and even those who protect themselves but not knowing how.

KYLHA is a holographic device that is able to protect you from the invasive attacks that exist on the planet earth in the invisible part of the entrance of portals and macro portals and also on 31 October you will be protected together with yours Of evil energies, humans receive this in the first degree and in the second degree the animals.


The invisible is essential to the invisible. In the kit of energy transformation, I give essential protagonism to the eliminator of negative energies that is able to dilute the kriptus, benefiting the human being. The negative energy encoder can be used by the human in him or at home in a very comfortable presentation. The encoder is an energy regulator that dilutes the negative energies of the environment but allowing the flow of the positive ones seeing the environment more harmonious and visible. Vibrational changes for humans where the invisible becomes essential to the visible.


The lucky radar is a DEVAN’S encoder, it has been discovered that good luck is a material that is easily received by something that sucks it, has magnetism, Egyptians believed in good luck, they left a great legacy that the Chinese and The Japanese have opaqued but it is the Egyptians who really have the power of good luck. The person of that culture who did not believe in good luck was doomed to be destroyed by bad luck, people study today and are supposed to have more chances in life, if you have inheritances, or if you have a factor Cultural that accompanies it is supposed to have a better prospect of life, but, this type of people who have these qualities or facilities do not believe in luck and that money they have thanks to those things is disappearing if you do not believe in good luck.


The diffuser, it traces and detects how bad it is in the place where it is being placed, after that it is necessary to act with a specific treatment, many of you ask for consultation but we already know that there is no way to do it, but when they light the candle it is Like feeling the presence of Dr. BRISSA AVHALON, this saves you a lot of money with paying a diffuser of 10,000 pesos that is the same as going to our office to talk to the doctor pro a much higher cost.

The diffusers are of such a high level that before emanating light to an evil force it destroys itself before doing that, in the diffuser of reception to future that is different from the one of spiritual light, this one is more complicated in its indications, its flame says Depends on its intensity and location is different, if the flame rotates to the right is because there is a negative energy.

The diffuser of future reception is as if you visited a psychic but a real seer, has the ability to read your programmable field of the day that acquires it three months into the future, with it we will avoid another query that has a cost of 100,000 Weights, you turn on the future reception diffuser with a wooden eyelet, you should place the receiver in an environment or a good pleasant environment because he feels the environment healthier than the rest of the place, you leave the diffuser alone and at 15 Minutes you approach and ask the question you want, it goes away and returns to the 15 minutes and in the flame of the diffuser is the answer; When the flame is two colors this is erected because it is positive, if the answer is negative the flame is turned to the right, if the answer was not understood is because you did not appear, you must present with proper name and date of birth In front of the diffuser, if the flame is on the left you have to introduce yourself and repeat the question.


It is a “D’EVAN’S” encoder capable of protecting human beings from attacks of witchcraft, magic, sorcery, voodoo, bad intentions, reading cards, tobacco, and anything to do harm to an innocent person through these rituals and practices. This KE is a highly powerful encoder that has an action of a month and a half, but if the person has previously made the auric reconstructions the protective effect of this encoder will be two and a half to almost three months in duration.


It is a holographic device with 325 codable pairs capable of protecting the human being from the same human being from the inventions of man to man, from weapons, accidents, motorcycles and where the human being is not known to defend and is in danger of death. If you use the protective charge to challenge it will not serve you, the destructive energies that exist are fought with this protective charge. Psychic attacks are counteracted by the protective charge, it is like a shield to these evils, evil is getting stronger and we need the help of this protective charge. There are people who have the weak and unused light system, in adolescents the potential of the disappeared light system is seen because they believe only in their friends, their rumba and their drug, in all cases the protective load helps any human being Prevent attacks and evils.


To transcend is to pass from a barrier to a crystalline space, spiritual, half has advanced, these transcend help the human being in the processes of prayer, to cross a barrier of the physical to the spiritual seeking a specific goal.

We are carriers of all kinds of emotions and feelings, different emotional states that we are not able to control, we do not believe that anyone spend a full day happy or spend a full day sad or angry, we all go through different states depending on what We happen daily, we human beings have a luminous flow but in the day we spend it, that is why in the day we receive two luminous charges that keep us alive.

Within the range of intercoms we have PHASE 1 AND PHASE 2 that makes an improvement stage so that I can then exercise a good function in the exercises that we perform, the results of these are seen in each moment of our lives, for the Exercises that we are doing on Friday in our transmitter are seen the immediate changes in the people who are working with the intercoms.

The “transcend” family is part of the spiritual evolution of each of us with results in the visible human part, for people who are far from the spiritual part, a person who does not believe in anything obvious spiritual will not want Do the exercise, you can do a protocol of light injections level 9 and in turn make it transcend in your photo, there the spiritual light agents can do their work and stabilize this person without the need to do it herself but with your Helps your spiritual part to improve significantly.

To transcend, on Friday we will be able to collect energy from the sovereign Mother Mary, to feel a spiritual being that is real, to be on a pure plane for a short time, with one minute, is enough to recharge my spiritual part at least A year, if you are receptive the result will be much greater, mothers need energy, light, good character to guide our children, we need to perfect our spiritual part, the human being is action and the universe reaction.


“With the tuner your children will change completely, they will leave their bad Friends, they will improve in the school, they will excel in all its activities, You will be an example to follow by your friends You should know that depending on the If your child will need 2 3 or more tuners to begin the change.  The tuner acts in all ages of our children and is very effective in those cases where parents no longer know what to do with them, socially and emotionally acts effectively changing their present and future.


The “YACCO” is of high power that makes people feel many positive things inside, as you use it you will begin to feel positive changes in your life, it serves to measure how much bad luck you have, this absorbs bad luck Of things and of people. The “YACCO” heats up, you should feel dizzy, feel some heat, that’s when you know and identify that the “YACCO” is working. If dizziness occurs, vomiting, headache, heaviness in the left hand or if you feel a pecking in the area where the YACCO is, it means that more than one is needed, if it becomes a black ball it also needs one or two.


We know today that there is a way to purify the body, the energy field and the human aura, in this YACCO you get to cleanse the body of toxins, energetic and chemical, it is much stronger than the YACCO CLEANING is multifaceted.

This YACCO CLEANING AURA, acts in the 4 states of the field of energy, congestion, saturation, oxidation and putrefaction, in the latter and the last thing you do as a human being is to call the tragedies, evil forces that are going to enter you , Now we must think how to dominate them, when these forces penetrate my energy field they open a hole where I am exposed, disappearing layers that protect the human being is exposed to everything bad, things that are not normal, attacks of Hysteria, suicide attempts, aggressive impulses, desire to kill, this happens in this state of putrefaction that reaches the human aura.

The human aura is a system in which this vital behavior is capable that in the center produces light, luminous energy that helps the good intentions of us human beings to become reality and right there comes something very important called faith and love.


Thanks to all the processes that we do and you do not have the need to be looking for witches and wizards the help they need for their spiritual and spiritual problems.

As each thought depending on whether it will be able to alter for good or for bad my health and my destiny, if you think well, it is not going to get sick, every time I think badly, my cell phones become acidic and we even come to generate cancer in ourselves , The one who thinks well of him and the others and proceeds badly is consumed by bad luck, the action of the human being is known as “Witness” either for good or for evil, then we speak of action, as recognized by the universe and the Spiritual world.

The themes we give in the program are anticipated almost 3 years or sometimes more in relation to what is happening in the world today, all the information we give in our transmitter and conferences is more advanced than medicine and the dimensional world That we know.

When I like to think badly and want evil I am authorizing that all the consequences of what I am thinking come to me, if I think evil and my life is going to be like this, when bad things come, we say “I will have done” but we do not We agree what we want and we think.

When we have processes of spiritual abandonment will grow more evil in my life, if I walk in that degree of conversion so bad I should seek help through YACCO CLEANING cleanses their thoughts and their bad desires, it’s like when a person does not feel confident In another person and his life becomes a hell, those ways do not let the good things come to my life, interrupts the good processes.

We have all wished badly and wished even our own evil by throwing curses upon ourselves, we thought bad things about ourselves and others, you should see that it is the bad thing that has done and that has been, the energies do not die, but They are fed retro generating new energies, a negative energy that becomes memory and then in force can alter many things and accompany the rest of their existence, you can die yourself and still looking for a new guest, they are called “Larvae” dies and Energy does not die.

YACCO CLEANSES, encapsulates and dilutes that force and thus does not fly to another person, does not let it go on the air and look for a new guest to inhabit, this cleaning system of YACCO CLEANING is wonderful because you do good to you when you remove it And eliminate it and also the rest of the humans that with this YACCO CLEANING will not allow this in the air looking for a guest after leaving you.

YACCO CLEANING for business, clean everything bad and salamiento and bad luck, with the whole system of attack and our skepticism we believe that everything is bad and nothing serves, apart we help ourselves with bad thoughts and our acides, the whole being Human must grow the projection and the money, the whole human being must be well economically.


It has the property to remove to you black spells, evil spirits, demonic beings, demonic beings, obviously to remove this black magic these evil beings and others also has the property to remove evil beings.

If you have any of the symptoms mentioned above you should use YACCO EXTERMINIUM, demonic beings are transformed when they reach your energy field, when they reach an organ for example to a lung they adopt the cellular position that had that good part and that There are no good cells, that is to say that it takes that space and you do not see nor difference in RX nor resonances that you do to that person, you do not see but you feel the destructive effect on the body of the person.

The person deteriorates, delicate health, they do not want to get up, have a color in their yellow-green skin, they feel they have cancer but they do not discover it, they do not know for sure what they have but they presume that they have cancer. Do chemotherapy in a diffuse way to try to know what it has, this is a cancer that comes by black magic and here is where the medicine only recognizes the physical part.

The person who has a normal cancer gives the person time to perform multiple treatments but if he has a cancer due to black magic he does not have time for anything, in less than a month he can die, these types of cancers are different but the same Care and respect because they are going to produce death.

YACCO EXTERMINIUM is more powerful than YACCO EXPERT since that descaling a 705 of evil forces but YACCO EXTERMINIUM starts the works of black magic, of voodoo and makumba, however as we still do not distinguish well that process we are passing first we must use YACCO CLEAN since This prevents any bad thing enters my body, does not let enter evil energies, and leaving the field of clear energy enters the YACCO EXTERMINIUM and has just removed the possessions, the evil spirits the devil and demonic beings.


This YACCO PARASITE LEVEL imprisons and destroys the ethereal parasite, this ally with the negative forces that you have inside, we are full of microorganisms in our interior, we do not know if we have many or few germs, we do not understand the responses and manifestations of our organism , When we acquire an ethereal parasite I acquire a future destruction for me, the ethereal parasites of children do not manifest much discomfort, suddenly piquiña in the skin or sensation of splash.

Throughout the evolution the human being seeks to advance, when we make a project of life we ​​work so that it is given that way in the best way, the parents kill themselves to give a better future to their children and that is the best for They, the student stops and does not want to advance, in him is the ethereal parasite, this seizes him young and fills him with laziness and desire to do nothing, there is a projection in the fate that is even boring day to Day, each one must have a projection to two years, to know what it is that we want in that time, to make a state of cleaning of the ethereal parasite causes that even the parasites that we have in our organism different from this they die of the same way because The battle with YACCO is so strong that even those parasites that we have in our body die.

The person who is really contaminated with a really strong ethereal parasite can make up to 3 YACCOS LEVEL PARASITES, this helps to dilute the parasite in your body, the ethereal parasite feeds on bad vibrations and bad energies, when it is in a middle age Is fed by mental states, projects and energy, you even gain weight and your body begins to change, it is so powerful its evil power, it is lodged in the light genome what we know as the nape, the person You can medicate and nothing will be worth since only with the YACCO LEVEL PARASITE will be able to fight this evil, when the ethereal parasite when this adult feeds on all the energy we have, the person becomes miserly and nothing will Like, you apart from this also feeds spicy food will increase the power of this inadvertently.


Our purpose is to make your life more peaceful and bearable, with each of the procedures and exercises we do, we seek your peace, your tranquility, your harmony, we want you to be a being in harmony with the universe, that you attune yourself With what you want good of the universe itself and this universe when you do things in a right way will give it.

Each of the coders, YACCOs, procedures, decrees, variants of reality, channeling, radio programs are aimed at your well-being, at improving the human race, at bringing forth the planet earth from a The sapphire project brings new forms and restores those that by the hand of man have disappeared and are necessary to stabilize our planet.

The current situation of the country is affecting us and based on the fact that these linked persons are driving through dark and evil forces the mind of the Colombian people, on Monday they were in Cartagena performing the evil in parallel to the transmission of the signature of the Agreement, but the Colombians still have time to say “NO” to this evil so great that “they pretend to make us, next Sunday we will have in our hands the ability to make known our opinion and not let these people end our country and their habitants.

The intercom PHASE 1 AND PHASE 2 are available in our offices and are the ones that will help you to visualize the future to 2 years since our mind is not accustomed to see beyond, these intercommunicators of access to the future belong to the Active life of every human being on planet earth.

This Friday, September 30th we will have the exercise where you can inquire with a question that will be of you in the future, ask what you want in a coherent and worthwhile way accompanied by the YACCO PURIFIER and the intercoms


For the economic apart you need to grow the power of attraction in the money, here we go to use the power of YACCO UNIVERSE, this is launching positive ways for every human that manages to trace, you must register as a human who needs help, In this case money, YACCO UNIVERSO has an intercom that feeds on what you want with respect to money and the universe captures it, in some cases the YACCO UNIVERSE is transformed even in its form and color, there are people who have used the YACCO UNIVERSO and have received the benefits not only here but in jobs abroad and their economic situation has improved totally in a very short time and they received the aid of immediate way.


It is saving our lives by acting against this evil creature that is appearing and emerging from the bottom of the sea to produce thousands of deaths on planet earth, if this creature stings an animal that is edible in less than 10 hours can kill it as well Which would not be for consumption, but there are animals in our environment that serve as catalysts, if this creature injects the snail this snail does not die, but if it is born in the other type of creature and the snail becomes the direct transmitter.

In the sea the largest animals are victims of this animal, this creature stings and sick but does not kill them, what kills them is the creature that is to come after this, there are squids and octopuses up to 15 meters in length , These are like vigilantes in the depths.

In the universe there are 1000 forms and states of transformation on planet earth, when a collective thinks the same thing makes it real, but when a collective asks a council that there is something that is killing and can kill 300 million people must do it As it is, if we ask for sad, if the other day we do without desire, if the next day we are going to pray, or the next day I go to a witch the universe does not recognize us as beings that we need in this reality a change but As a human being who is asking to ask, for wanting to solve we do not know how we should ask to solve.

YEIKKO was born as an emergency measure, we are not going to kill a knife, a weapon, but these creatures we can not defend ourselves, we have to stop and decide what to do, you must clean your energy field as well Chances of reducing damage are potentiated so you are clean and YEIKKO recognizes that you are clean and your power is increased.

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