Throughout the history of all humanity there have been human beings with special characteristics capable of differentiating between the whole multitude and the human race, these beings with these characteristics with direct intercommunicators towards different universes between them the spiritual universe and the dimensional universe are the Well called CANALIZATION.

CHANNELING is the perfect intercommunication of a human being with different dimensions await the human race, “the messenger of the universe for the human race” these messengers have major importance in the advancement of humanity in spiritual time and in linear time, theories of Reincarnation, theories of human revival and spiritual perfection.

The Channels make a sport in all the human structure of our third dimension of the planet earth, providing an important sport in the change of the option of life of each one of them.

The spiritual part is well treated through a channel and all on the dimensional part that are committed on the planet earth with the spiritual world is well treated by these messengers.

The messengers of the universe have existed since the beginning of the human race, we know important important stories like NOE, MOISES, ABRAHAM, and the mayor CHANNELING with a dimensional penta brain that navigate in five dimensions at the same time called JESUS.

These special beings have changed the history of humanity and have departed from the series of noxiousness of benefit for the whole history of humanity.

THE CHANNELING a universal level, and has nine characteristics of CANALIZATION from the base that only channels spirits and spiritual beings, angels and archangels, as the ALPHA DIAMANTE that are able to do the channeling in various dimensions third, fourth, sixth, eighth, ninth And Once the dimension is possible direct intercommunication with these beings called CANALIZATION.

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