BIO MAGNETOPeople suffering with the economic fate, never pick a number from the lottery or have a number they play and the day they do not fall, or say the number and does not fall to them and do other and falls for all of them is the BIO MAGNETO fOR GOOD LUCK with the lottery number included and the corresponding lottery.

The BIO MAGNETO comes with a much stronger encryption and advanced to impregnate that number on your part programming and luck to that number falls to skyrocket and you win.

The magnetic force of money has power and control, we must believe in the power of attraction of money, you will have a 4-digit number in the lottery that will play that day go and play if not that day follow a few days that number will fall, with the BIO MAGNETO you will have the opportunity to earn the money you need.

You should not be invade anxiety and money, according to my strength of attraction and magnetism I exercise my power to have and make money, you should not share the number of their fate since the BIO MAGNETO makes a process of individual identification, if you give your number is as much as to their fate.

You must make the chance or lottery legally, in a suitable place and known, do it yourself, do not play with their fate, not delegate what is theirs, their fate is yours, the BIO MAGNETO has the power to YOU exercise the power of his luck, this generates in you the power of their intention to win is to triple the BIO MAGNETO, you are playing you are winning.

BIO acquires MAGNETO along with the number of their fate and the lottery which should play, but should put their energy and force of attraction of money.

You should place your energy, your money, your luck to win, retain ultimate fate, the BIO MAGNETO exercises power to win you with their fate and the number is coded specially for you.

Schedules that are made with the coders are not contaminated with good intentions, but if contaminated with evil purposes, if you need to win to something bad BIO MAGNETO is canceled, but you should be aware that the money is not you should ask God, if you make the MAGNETO BIO and at night kneeling to pray to God to do to win this programming is canceled.

Beware of ritual murderers, bathrooms, prayers, enclosures, rituals that what they do is damage your luck and kill you, DO NOT BELIEVE IN LIES, bushes, alcohol, blood of animals, potions, they will not take money or get lucky or anything related to that, the energy field is unprotected and everything in you fall.

If your luck is bad, you must rebuild your energy field, their economic situation must be revived and clean energy and magnetic field to attract money, if you life has been good but the money does not yield, nor their fate has given for more than a day to day must restore their fate.

God does not give money, the angel does not give you the money, that does not exist, this occurs by other means of spiritual perfection, when someone is good does what you want, if you just look for money is wrong, the spiritual part of you is in emergency, because the spiritual emergency gives the need to acquire all worldly things but not spiritual, urgently needs an injection of spirituality and if it does not very positive unexpected things can happen.

The intention is that you play with good, think well, that I acted well and things with the help of BIO MAGNETO will be given, that money came looking for him.

You should keep in mind something in your life, when you make it a damage in your life and you only seeks revenge not only with the one that did the damage but with others their fate will be ruined for life, but if you do him harm and walks away and does not seek revenge you are closing that cycle and you will not see after harmed by his bad way to act if you do not recognize that person is harmful to you will not be able to recognize never good from the bad.

With the BIO MAGNETO work for a few days, we must develop processes of good luck, also with intercom desire big gains occurred, keep the good in us and not do it alone for times and think that leading a bad life in a day my luck will change, the process of good occurs throughout life, you for the good of the universe also has to give you good.

People who were with the energy field damaged and the auric field destroyed must rebuild its field, how to rebuild your life, leave the bad and what does not bring should make a kind of change in the energy field, you can not.

(This is an original article given by Dr. BRISSA AVHALON on his radio show, To forbid reproduction, more information 4442461)

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